Trees for Charity 2015

Tree Lined Park

To kick off the growing season, we are hosting a unique charity drive. For $5, you get your choice of a bare root tree. For every tree sold, we will donate $1 to a local charity. This is a great way to give back to Mother Nature and local families in need.

This year, we will have the following varieties of trees available. Most trees are one to two feet tall, but there will be some smaller and some larger.

  • Pacific Dogwood

  • Kousa Dogwood

  • Ninebark

  • Western Red Cedar

  • Sequoia

  • Paper Birch

  • Nordman Fir

  • Vine Maple

There is no limit to the number of trees you may order.

Trees will be ready to pick up Saturday, February 14th, between 1:00 and 8:00 PM. Just in time to give your sweetheart a tree for Valentine's Day! If you can't make it out to the farm on Saturday, we can hold your trees for a pick up sometime during the following week.

To order your trees, click here!

Pasture Raised Trees

You're probably wondering to yourself, "What is a pastured tree?" Well, let me share a quick story...

"The Incense Cedar groggily opened it eyes and saw the faint rays of orange streaming through the cracking barn siding. It slowly lumbered to the open door and peer out, admiring the glowing sunrise reflecting off the dewey grass. With a heavy sigh, the massive beast stepped outside.

"Cold and wet, the Cedar's toes tingled as the tall fescue grass crushed under foot. He lowered his head and nibbled ever so slightly at the tender shoots of clover emerging from the sweet soil. The tree smiled to itself.

"In the background, a loud diesel engine turned over. Startled, the Cedar shook and opened its eyes. It glanced around and saw his other Cedar friends at limb length. It wiggled its roots and took comfort is the strong hold it had on the earth below. The Cedar thought to itself, 'Oh, what a wonderful dream! To be a pasture raised tree would be such a delight!'"

Perfect Time to Plant a Tree

"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The next best time is today."

Seriously, if you have any inkling to plant a tree, do it today!

Planting bare root trees, as well as potted trees, is best done in the colder months. I love planting trees in late February. There are still a few months of rain before the summer heat kicks in, providing ample resources for the tree to focus on root growth. By the time the warm weather arrives, the tree is stable and ready for upward growth.

The first year after planting your tree, ensure it has plenty of water and nutrients. Also keep grass and other weeds from intruding on the young tree's turf; competing roots will only slow the tree's growth. A thick layer of mulch will do a great job at keeping your tree healthy, just don't allow the mulch to push up against the tree's trunk, as it will encourage disease and vole damage.

Disclaimer: We don't know the exact number of each tree we will be getting, but it's usually quite a few. If for some reason we cannot fulfill your order, you can either pick a different tree that is available or we'll refund your money.

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