Thanksgiving Turkeys Are Ready!

I'm excited to see all our lovely farm patrons stop by over the next few days to pick up their Thanksgiving turkeys. It's a blast to catch up and see how everyone is doing and hear what everyone has in store for the upcoming holidays.

This Thanksgiving, our turkeys weigh between 11 and 19 pounds. This is certainly a decrease in size over our 40+ pounders last year, but they'll be so much easier to cook! Whether this is your first year cooking a turkey or are a seasoned pro, I highly suggest you take the time to brine your turkey prior to cooking it. A brine will help keep your bird moist and will impart a fantastic flavor throughout the meat. Nourishing Meals has posted a wonderful recipe for an Apple Cider and Herb brine. If this seems a bit too complex, you can always do the downright simple bring of 1/4 cup salt and 1/4 cup sugar per gallon of water brine. Regardless how you cook your bird this year, our family would like to wish you and yours a wonderful holiday season. Stay safe and warm!

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