There's a WHAT in my boot?!

Our oldest daughter, Charlotte, was sitting on the porch getting ready to go for a walk when she started screaming at the top of her lungs. We had no idea what had happened, but instantly went into consolation and investigation mode. What was causing her to freak out?

Before I go much further, I should tell you that Charlotte loves her rubber boots. To her, these boot are a sign of freedom and fun; a flashback to adventures on the farm; a reminder that there may be puddles to be jumped in. No matter the weather or the purpose, these boots are her go to footwear. The boots remain on our front porch next to her bench, always ready for action.

Frog guarding his boot

On this particular day, we were prepping to take a walk around the farm. Charlotte was working on getting her boots on when something happened. It took a little while to figure out exactly what was going on and to get Charlotte calm down enough to tell us what was going on. Somewhat unintelligibly, she uttered that something was in her boot.

We grabbed the boot and inspected it. It looked harmless. We upturned it and pounded on it a bit to see if something would come out of it. Was it a spider? A moth? No… it was a small frog! The frog quickly jumped off to safety and we proceeded with our walk as planned.

Charlotte with the frog

This frog has come to be another joy of farm life. We keep an eye on it each day and observe its behaviors. We hold it and inspect it. Besides the unexpected first introduction, this frog has been a great way to introduce Charlotte to amphibians.

Frog in a boot

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