Many New Additions to the Farm Today

When it rains, it pours! Ok, that may have been a bad statement to use in Oregon in the summer... what I mean is that today was a very busy day on the farm. This morning we woke up to a new litter of pigs and a clutch of hatching duck eggs.

Let's start with with our porcine affairs. Baby, whom I just posted a photo of yesterday looking extremely pregnant, farrowed seven healthy pigs last night. Unlike Mercy, Baby cooperated and farrowed in the house we built for her. The newly appointed mom is doing a fantastic job of keeping her little ones fed and warm.

Baby American Mulefoot Heritage Hogs

While we're in the porcine spirit, I've included a photo of Mercy's current litter. These little guys were feeling very photogenic today and lined themselves up nicely for a photo.

Heritage hogs in a row

In addition to the new pigs, we also have a new clutch of ducklings. These ducks started hatching this morning and continued to hatch through the day. They were sat on by a loving chicken that really wanted to hatch an egg. So far, she's played an excellent mother despite her young being of a different breed. These ducklings will eventually be put to work as egg layers and garden pest controllers. They are a collection of Runners and Runners x Khaki Campbells.

Baby ducklings

More updates and photos to come of our new farm additions...

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