The Sally Saga, Becoming an Adult Duck

Sally the Duck
It's been a little while since I've posted an update on Sally the Duck. And there's a good reason why I haven't. Sally has been going through a metamorphosis of sorts. Almost immediately after we introduced Sally to her new duck friends, she started to prefer being around other ducks. She would no longer follow any of us around, including Charlotte, and when presented with an opportunity to explore outside her pen, she'd pace the fence line wanting to rejoin her flock.

This is certainly for her own good. Us humans were unable to satisfy her social requirements, as we could only visit with Sally briefly for once or twice a day. She needed companions that she could interact with all day, every day, and she found friends in the runner ducks we brought in from our neighbor. She's learning to be weary of other creatures which will help her survive to be a ripe old duck.

Sally the Duck

Charlotte has taken the change well. She'll still chase Sally around when the opportunity arises, but Sally doesn't give chase back. Sally has also become a bit too big and strong for Charlotte to hold without help. It's amazing how fast ducks grow!

Sally does still have a soft spot for her original family (us), even though it doesn't show often. Today when we brought Sally out of her pen, she did allow Charlotte to hug her and spent a few minutes nestled in my lap before running back to her flock.

Sally the Duck

We all feel very fortunate that we've had the opportunity to raise Sally and watch Charlotte and Sally grow together. They've provided some amazing memories and stories that we frequently share with friends. While Sally is reaching maturity and independence, we're expecting another clutch of duck eggs to hatch any day now... we'll see what's in store for the comming months. :)

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