The Sally Saga, Cont.

Sally has really made herself comfortable around our family. She frequently joins us when working around the farm and taking care of the other animals. She loves going for long walks to the end of the property and visiting the pigs. It never fails to amaze us how much a duck can integrate itself into a human family.

A couple days ago we walked down to visit our heritage hogs and their little pigs. The whole family came along, including Sally. As we were walking back, Sally was showing signs of getting tired. Charlotte headed over to Sally and picked her up, presumably to give her a ride back to the house. As you can see in the above photo, hilarity ensued!

Sally is really start to get big now and is quickly feathering out. Her feathers are showing clear signs of her Khaki Campbell origins. However, with her getting so large, we've had to move her outdoors; our indoor brooding pen was getting too small for her. She found ways to jump over the brooder wall and we'd frequently find her peeping at our garage door, asking to come inside. For now, we've moved her in with our turkey poults (currently on pasture) since the fencing has smaller holes and she can't escape easily. Once she grows a bit more, she'll move in with the rest of the ducks.

Until her permanent place in our brace of ducks is established, Sally will remain part of our family and her adventures will continue to spur new stories to share with you. Stay tuned for more updates...

Sally the Duck


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