The Sally Saga, Part One

Meet Sally the Duck, the newest addition to our farm.

Sally hatched in our kitchen at about 5:00AM this morning in a homemade egg incubator. She spent the first 21 days of her incubation period under a chicken in our yard, surrounded by other chicken and duck eggs. However, the chicken eggs hatched about a week before the duck eggs were due to hatch, and so we moved the duck eggs into an incubator that MacGyver would be proud of.

After another six days of incubation, we could hear soft peeping from one of the eggs. We spent a lot of time peeping at this egg and it would peep back at us... it was an incredible experience! Finally, on the seventh day, I woke up to find a wet, gooey duckling sitting in the incubator. The other eggs, while mostly developed, never hatched.

Sally the Duck

We believe Sally is half Khaki Campbell, half Runner. She has the coloring and appearance of Betty, our first Khaki Campbell, including Betty's distinctive crest. We only have runner drakes, so there's little question about Sally having at least 50% runner in her.

For the time being, Sally will be living in our bathroom in a large Rubbermaid bin. She has a heat lamp, plenty of food and water, and a slew of family members who wish to meet her! Stay tunes for more Sally updates...

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