Something New to Try - Heritage Chickens

We're constantly looking for new things to try on the farm. Last year we dabbled a little in heritage meat chickens and had a pretty good response from folks. The meat quality and flavor was out of this world! But we struggled to keep the price in a range that we felt was fair; the costs to raise the birds were ridiculously high.

Heritage Chickens with Turkeys

After reviewing last year's bird management plan and finding ways to improve on it, we're giving it another go. This time around we're starting with a heritage breed that is often used in Label Rouge certified poultry ( On top of that, we'll be using certified organic feed that is soy free and corn free, and giving the birds access to as much pasture as they can consume.

Our first batch of heritage chickens will be ready on August 1st. Only a small handful of birds will be available; please consider reserving yours if you're interested in trying one.

Call us at (503) 862-8212 or email at to reserve yours today!


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