It's Piglet Season

With the weather starting to warm and the grass starting to green up, we're entering the perfect time for piglets on the farm. And that's just what we're expecting in the coming weeks.

A sow is pregnant for about 114 days (or the simple way to remember it: 3 months, 3 weeks, 3 days). Given the rather randy behavior between our boar and sows, we expect to start seeing our first little pigs at the end of the month. We let our boar and sows pasture together all year and never have an exact conception date, but have a pretty good idea based on when the sow was last in heat.

To prepare for this year's litters, we built new farrowing huts for the sows. We firmly believe in allowing the sows to give birth naturally on pasture. It's kind of like a home birth for humans. These farrowing huts were built based on the E-HUT design from Tom Frantzen and posted to the Iowa State website. The key modification we made was to add 4x4 skids to the bottom of the hut so that we can hook them up to the tractor and pull them around. This is key, as we frequently move our hogs to fresh pasture.

Hog Farrowing Hut (E-Hut)

These piglets will become this fall's havest. About half of the piglets are already spoken for; the rest can be reserved by contacting


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