All of our pastured animals are loved and cared for as if they were part of our family.  We believe that the way an animal is raised strongly influences the flavor and nutritional value of the final product. What's more, knowing that our food has been treated well during the course of its life fills an ethical obligation that we feel strongly in.


Organically fed. GMO Free.

Our free range meat chickens are put on pasture the same day they hatch. The chickens are moved daily to ensure they have access to fresh, clean pasture. Our chicken breed has large, meaty breasts with succulent legs and thighs. All of our pasture raised meat chickens are supplimented with certified organic non-GMO feed.


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Giving Back For every twenty chickens sold, we donote one to a local food bank or family in need. Help us put nutrious food on others' plates by putting delicious chicken on your plate!


Organically fed. GMO Free.

Like our chickens, our turkeys are put on pasture very early in their life. They are kept within small fenced paddocks and frequently moved to new ground. We've had turkeys dress out at over 46 pounds; it's amazing what quality grass and feed can do for these crazy looking birds! However, most of our pasture raised turkeys dress out between 10 and 20 pounds.  All our turkeys are supplimented with certified organic, GMO free feed.


Turkeys are currently available around Thanksgiving.  We take reservations for birds, which is strongly encouraged, as they tend to sell faster than we can raise them.  If you wish to purchase a turkey for Thanksgiving, please consider reserving your bird by the end of August.


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Giving Back For every ten turkeys sold, one chicken is donated to a local food bank or family in need.


Heritage hogs. Pastured raised and finished.

Our hogs spend their entire lives on pasture. They have access to small buildings for shelter but prefer to spend their nights laying under our walnut trees gazing at the stars. In addition to pasture grass and fallen nuts, our hogs have a constant supply of fresh fruits and vegetables. Our primary hog breed, the American Mulefoot, was recently rated as the best flavored pork by Slow Food USA.


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Giving Back For each hog sold, two chickens are donated to a local food bank or family in need.


Free range. Delicious.

There's nothing quite like a perfectly cooked egg for breakfast. Except maybe when it's accompanied by some heritage bacon!  


We have an assortment of egg laying chickens and ducks that live a truly wonderful life. With roughly seven acres of pasture, our small flock is never needing for more plant matter or bugs.  The resulting egg shells are an assortment of colors, from brown, to green, to blue, to purple (but the inside is always a nice, deep orange yolk).


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Warning! These eggs are so tasty you'll go through a dozen in no time.  Do yourself a favor and buy a second dozen.