Organic, GMO free feed

Our pasture raised turkeys are managed using the same practices as our free range chickens. They are allowed unlimited access to various grasses, clover, and other mixed greens. They are also fed the same, high quality feed that our chickens received; an organic feed that is free from GMO products. With such a high quality diet, our turkey meat is higher in Omega-3 fatty acids than conventional store bought turkey.


Humane harvesting

When it’s time to harvest our turkeys, we employ a local family business to help dress our birds.  They do a fantastic job at quickly cleaning and packaging the free range turkeys.  The result is a whole turkey that is in a thick, shrink wrapped bag that is freezer ready.  Upon request, they will also chop the turkeys into parts: (2) breasts, (2) legs/thighs, (2) wings, and the back.  When a bird is cut up, you still end up with one full turkey in one bag, but you’re spared the job of cutting it up yourself – quite handy for the busy family!


$4.99 per pound

Organically fed, soy/corn/gmo free.

Availability for 2019

Not available this year due to supply issues. It's been very hard getting young turkeys on the west coast for the last three years.

Additional Processing

Our turkeys come whole and shrink wrapped for easy storage. However, our butcher can cut your pasture raised turkey into legs, breasts, wings, and back for an additional $3.00 per turkey.